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The most horrible websites in the world - TOP 10


Seeing what we are about to talk about now is a real horror movie for web developers, copywriters, designers, SEO specialists and the entire team involved in the creation of sites. Why? Because it will be about the most terrible web pages in the world. Especially for you, we have collected 10 bad sites that make your hair stand on end and your skin covered with tiny ants. Why did we do it? Of course, so that you never repeat such mistakes, and if they are detected, they are quickly eliminated! Of course, it is better to learn from your own mistakes, but it is even better to prevent them and not make them at all. So, they were driven to the land of horrors!

By what criteria did we create the top 5 worst sites in the world?

Answering this question, let's remember the main criteria of a quality site:

  • Design is the most important detail of any web site, without which it is impossible to imagine its existence. Correspondence to the business theme, clarity for the target audience, unity of style - this is what professional design looks like.
  • Usability - this criterion answers the question: How convenient is the site. Users should understand how to use the resource at a glance, have quick access to the page and its content. They don't have questions, and if they do, the problem is not with the visitors, but with the developer.<
  • Content - textual and visual material should be useful and interesting to the target audience. You should not overload it with professional concepts, because site visitors are ordinary people who hardly need to study extra information. Try to put everything in simple words that are easy to understand and learn.
  • The quality of layout - access to the site from different browsers and from different devices, the correct display of all elements - indicators of good work of the layout designer.

So, based on these criteria, we will briefly highlight the significant flaws of the most terrible sites.

"About what not to do"

  • ugly design: no harmony of colors, no uniform style, disparate animation;
  • lack of usability: unstructured information, unnecessary underlining, incorrect arrangement of blocks;
  • mixed content: inconsistency with the topic of the site, lack of balance between text and visual material.

"Resembles the gait of a turtle"

  • low layout quality: overloaded site, use of outdated programming methods leads to critically low page loading speed. In addition, the site is not adapted for different devices;
  • usability problems: a large number of unnecessary animations, enlarged photos, uninformative main page.

"Very trite and uninteresting"

  • stingy and boring design: complete absence of any pictures and logos, bright colors that would attract the attention of visitors;
  • unmodernized functionality: has not changed since the creation of the site.

"Stings the eyes and irritates the mind"

  • "blinding" design: blue text on a bright blue background, annoying gif that is constantly in front of the eyes, ridiculous photos;
  • Unintelligible content: lack of coherence between the content of texts and photos.

"Flea market"

  • poorly thought-out design: the lack of a unified style and color sloppiness does not allow you to focus on a specific product;
  • poor usability: a mixed assortment of goods in an inconsistent order; lack of information about the online store and its owner; incorrect operation of the navigation menu.

We hope this article was useful for you and you learned what mistakes you should 100% avoid! If so - leave comments, if not - we will be glad to hear your opinion! So, see you soon!

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