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Sales managers: who are they, what do they do, and how much do they earn?

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The main task of an IT Sales manager (sales manager, also manager of sales of company services) is absolutely the same as in other areas of business activity. It is necessary to find and provide the company with new customers in the field of the services that your company provides. Accordingly, after finding a client, support and negotiations are provided by the sales manager until the company concludes the agreement. Also, as a rule, the customer service manager performs further customer support. Let's analyze it in more detail.

What tasks does a sales manager perform and what does he do?

  • Client search. This is the main area of work of the Sales department. Everything can be different here: both lead generation together with marketers, and independent search using various tools.
  • Conducting calls and meetings. Conducts the first "cold" meeting, call or correspondence with the client, which usually identifies the client's pain points and needs. And if the company in which he works has a product that will help solve the client's problem, he conducts a presentation using various methods of "warming up".
  • Conducts meetings with clients.
  • Creation of commercial proposals (offers). It is important to note that this includes several stages. Creation, amendment and agreement of the offer and only after that - signing

Interesting facts about the work of a sales manager

  • The vast majority of work is with the B2B (business to business) sector, that is, the target is representatives of other companies who may be potentially interested in the company's sales manager services. For example, a sales manager can sell a ready-made product: a CRM system for a large business, or the development of a website or application for a small or medium-sized business. Another option can be the sale of the company's services for ready-made solutions: connecting SEO specialists to promote sites or applications, contextual advertising to increase sales of online stores, etc.
  • It can take weeks or even months from the first meeting, call or SMS to the signing of the agreement;
  • A sales manager must have a very good understanding of the specifics of the niche in which he works. For example, if the manager does not know what SEO promotion is and why it is needed, it is unlikely that he will be able to convince a potential client that it is necessary for his finished site.
  • The sales manager earns well. And this is also true. In fact, in the IT field, Project and Sales managers are considered to be among the most highly paid specialists who do not require extensive experience and a base of specialized knowledge. The whole point is that, as a rule, their salary depends on the projects found. Even in the least-known and small companies, according to statistics, the average salary of a Sales manager in Ukraine is $600-700 per month, and for Project managers, it is from $800 and above. But don't forget that sometimes there are projects from which you can earn more than $1,000 from just one customer, and experienced sales managers usually have quite a lot of projects

What a Sale Manager should know in order to earn a lot

  • You need to know how to properly plan and forecast sales and be well versed in various sales techniques. An experienced sales manager knows how to deal with objections, clearly answers customers' questions and helps them create demand for the product.
  • It is necessary to understand well the differences of business models for outsourcing and outstaffing.
  • Understand the stages of working with a "cold" and "hot" client, as well as understand how to prepare for concluding an agreement, how to conclude it and what to pay attention to.
  • Good time management skills. For the most part, the most monetary clients are the market of the USA and Europe, between which the time to compare with Ukraine is significantly different. Therefore, mastering time management is one of the basics.
  • Good command of documentation: how to conclude offers and other things;
  • Having good communication skills and command of the English language at least at an intermediate level is one of the keys to success.
  • Understanding all stages of work on the project.

How to become a sales manager?

The Galaxy IT team has collected tips for you on how to prove yourself as a Sales manager in an IT company.

In general, a sales manager is a part of IT management that performs one of the most important jobs, namely finding a client for the company. Simply put, sales is almost a project manager, but without a number of additional duties. As a rule, IT companies that are in desperate need of employees practice recruiting for a given position even without extensive work experience in a similar position. That is, if you want to become a Sales manager in IT, it is enough to be proactive, communicative, interested and have good skills as a "salesman" who will recommend himself. However, it should be noted here that the sales manager's salary usually depends on himself. The more valuable projects you bring to the company, the higher your salary. This is how the IT industry works.

Is it possible to become a Sales Manager at Galaxy-IT without experience in the IT field?

The answer is definitely yes! We have such people who really work and even very successfully. However, here you have to understand that everything depends only on you, because usually the selection for such positions is not easy, since the work is highly responsible. Only by showing yourself as a successful service sales manager can you count on a good financial result.
However, if you want to prove yourself and are sure that this position is right for you - fill out an application for an interview and we will invite you to a test day.

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