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For any purposes and scales.

Everybody knows that the more customers you have the more income you have. Even if from one sell you receive 1%. Online store will enormously help you attracting new customers. Do you want to earn more selling your goods? Development of online store will be ideal solution for you.

That’s unique opportunity to show your company from better side in online world. Having seen corporate website that was designed by Galaktika IT Solutions, your customers will never want to search other companies, because you will be exactly what the customer was looking for. Corporate website – is unique opportunity to inform quickly your customers, associates and colleagues about all events that happen in the company.

Forum is a place where people gather with one goal – find answers on their question. Any aspect of life must be discussed so why wouldn’t you create forum about your area of expertise. Creation of forum is not good idea for finding people who share your thoughts but as well to promote new product, services and even new company online.

Are you writer? No no, do you know how to write good texts but nobody notices you? Create your editor and blog will help you with that. Create website where you will be able to put all your thoughts and become the best blogger and potentially a public person. Moreover blog is another opportunity that will attract additional audience for the company that’s why the majority of world biggest companies has a blog.

That’s just one web-page that will help you to enter online world and pose yourself as modern company because nowadays if you are online it means that you are everywhere. Landing is unique opportunity to convert visitors to real and loyal customers.

That’s small website that has several pages that has some info about the company and its goods and services. сайт-визитка is unique opportunity to introduce all internet users to your goods and services with limited budget.

If you need website with full info about your company and e-catalogue (price list) of goods and services – website catalogue. Website like that will increase total sales as full info about your products will always increase customer’s confidence in your brand.

If you want to carry out qualitative ad campaign in Internet you definitely need promo web-site. For websites like these it is common to use big quantity of graphics, video, photo, new internet-technology. They are developed for specific evennts : new film, new event, online conference. At some point that’s also Internet-Ad that will have effect in the shortest time.

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We will facilitate all complex tasks.

Do you have a website and everything seems to be fine however customers leave it because you lack some functionality. You need module that will add necessary functionality according to your requirements. Trust our professional company and we can develop everything starting from price calculator to chat bot. With our unique development tools everything is possible!

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We will convert your mockup to a code.

A lot of developers provide services of front –end however the majority of them are amateurs that don’t know good practices of front-end. If you have crazy and complex design feel free to contact us and we will convert your design to seo-friendly, responsive and seo-friendly web-site.

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Development of business apps according to your business.

Are you successful entrepreneur and you lack something? Or maybe you have everything but to have it you spend all your free time. Optimize your business by creating web-app that nobody sells because you have it only in your head! We are ready to convert all your thoughts and ideas to real, fully-functional business tool!

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You start noticing that your website acts strange recently or it loads really slow? We will speed up, optimize and fix your website!

Believe nobody that will tell you that it’s impossible to speed up your website! Any website can be speeded up! That’s just a question of skills and knowledge ;).

If your website started working bad or uncommon probably there is a high chance that your website was attacked by virus. So our door is open to everybody who integrate pirate/free module.

Have your website been already hacked? Not yet but you have default security measures, believe us, you urgently need to set up passive security of the website. Hackers never sleep. With each version of CMS or famous module there are people who create new mechanisms to hack them.

Somebody developed you a website but there is one big BUT? Pages need a lot of time to be opened. You will tell everything was fine but then you reached a traffic of 10000 people a day. That’s why you need optimization, we will short and simplify code that you don’t need.

You were advised to buy a server, you bought and got access so what’s next? Website don’t work, you don’t have database and even admin panel. What should you do? Everything is simple! Contact us and we will set up everything quickly. You won’t need 5 days to wait a reply from customer support.

You have website and everything seems to be fine but you want to align something or maybe change a color or font. Contact us and fresh your website with us!

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