The development of the company's brand name is the primary task of every business, since further success depends on the quality of the naming brand. We recommend ordering a service from our company Galaxy IT, as we have extensive practical experience. Some companies have already achieved success with us - try it yourself.

What is brand naming?


This is a set of measures to create a name for the company, which will be subject to legal registration as a trademark and will have a high marketing potential. It should fully reflect the essence of the business, be understandable to potential buyers and evoke positive emotions, not spoil the company's reputation and meet the interests of the target audience. Compliance with these criteria is the key to the company's success and the basis for positioning and market promotion.


What types of naming do we create?


  1. Company naming - we develop an effective name for both new and already experienced companies in case of rebranding, change of organizational and legal structure and reorganization.

  2. Web studio naming - we focus on the services offered by the company, follow modern trends and come up with a unique and bright name.

  3. Product naming - we take into account the specifics of the product or service, try to convey the importance of a creative name.

  4. Naming for the restaurant business - we emphasize the special atmosphere of establishments and their uniqueness.


What factors depend on the effectiveness of the naming brand?


During the naming development we take into account certain criteria, among which the most important are:


  • legal - the name must be completely unique and not repeated with competitors' companies. Only in this case it will be possible to register and protect it from copying by other companies;

  • psychological - the name should attract the target audience, so it should meet such conditions as: originality, conciseness, aesthetics. It should not cause negative emotions and associations;

  • compliance with the main idea of ​​the company - the name should reflect the essence of the company, the values ​​of the trademark and its advantages.


What results can be achieved after ordering the service?


Effective company naming contributes to:


  • increasing traffic - visits to the site or establishment;

  • to improve conversion - the number of targeted actions: calls, messages, subscriptions, and so on;

  • growing the number of sales;

  • raising profits to a new level;

  • successful promotion and positioning.


What work do we do during naming development?


  1. Detailed analysis of the project - to study the features of the company, research the target audience, identify the advantages of products or services.

  2. Market and competitors audit -  to form a more effective marketing name and avoid duplication. 

  3. Development of options - we create a name according to all criteria: reflection of positioning, the main idea of ​​the company, compliance with legal laws.

  4. Primary selection - we cluster all options and choose the best ones.

  5. Check for uniqueness of names.

  6. Secondary selection and formation of a list of names for customer demonstration.


Why should you order naming from us?


  • we guarantee full confidentiality of personal data;

  • we offer brand naming at a favorable price;

  • we carry out the work on time;

  • we have an experienced team of professionals;

  • have already implemented hundreds of successful projects.


Develop business with us!


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Our goal was to create a convenient website where, in a presentation form, and as conveniently as possible, it would be possible to present bags, backpacks and accessories.

Using a flat style, displaying a couple of items on the whole screen, visualization was performed, with the size of the product on the floor of the screen, for the possibility of a detailed examination of the product, without even going to the product card.

Wireless DMX
Wireless DMX
Wireless DMX

A Swedish food company that develops wireless solutions for concerts and public events and sells franchises around the world.


Kyiv jewelry store YourDiamonds

An entrepreneur from Kiev (Ukraine) who deals with the professional supply of jewelry.

There is a possibility to create jewelry with any engravings or with a diamond depending on your choice.

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Mike "MORO Controls"
Graphic design
Very creative and prompt team. Took my ideas and designed around them. I look forward to working with them again
Shabbir "Blue Velvet Innovations Ltd"
Good designer. They helped bring a very good aesthetic look and feel. They could improve a bit on the UX and error handling screens. Overall, we were satisfied with the work and their design sense was well appreciated
Cheryl R
Разработка сайта
After a slightly bumpy start, Vit and I were able to get the job done. There were no complaints about any of the issues risen and I think we eventually got it pretty close to pixel perfect. I'm already getting him to quote on another job and hopefully this will be the start of a long term relationship. Thank you Vit!
Jonathan K.
It was a difficult brief but Yurii, Vitaliy and the team at Galaxy IT did a fantastic job. Great website design. Would definitely work with again.
Ci En Lee
Разработка сайта
great company to word with, very helpful during the many rounds of edits
Stratos I.
Разработка сайта
The communication with Vitaliy was great! Also, the deliverables were exactly what I asked for. They responded to my comments quite well and quickly. I'm happy with the result!
Разработка сайта
Создавали в свое время Ноу-Хау в виде книги дополнительной реальности где наводишь камеру телефона на книгу и имеет аудио-видео сказку на телефоне. На то время была только книга со сказкой Колобок, сейчас есть больше вариантов для приобретения книг. Ребята делали верстку лендинга для запуска его в гугл-рекламу чтобы привлечь как можно больше аудитории на страницу и продать как можно больше экземпляров книг. Я делал проект с Виталием, он спросил может ли сделать анимации на сайте "от себя". Я согласился и был очень приятно удивлен, сайт сделали отлично, приятные анимации, выглядит современно. Короче получил все 200%, от ожидаемого результата.
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Selling through physical points (shops) is becoming more difficult - incomes are gradually declining, and business owners are gradually moving to online sales

1. At first, it is very convenient because you have no local restrictions: with the help of the web-site, you can sell your services or goods everywhere and everyone, and according to the info that Internet is now used by approximately 72% of the population (23 million of people) - it can be very profitable.

2. The second point that the local business is convenient as you can track your sales and statistics without any difficulties: all you need to do - just to go to the admin panel of the web-site, or use connected to the web-site Google Google analytics service which does everything for you.

It doesn't matter if you own a big business or a small one, but the presence of the web-site in many companies today is practically the face of the company by itself, that’s why the development of custom web-site and promotion of them in Khmelnytsky (as well as throughout Ukraine, Europe or Worldwide) are becoming popular services.

We clearly understand that there are an unlimited number of IT companies: large or small, expensive or cheap, that provide development, design and promotion services in both Khmelnytsky region and throughout Ukraine. That’s why You, as future customers of our company, have a question: "so why should I apply to Galaxy IT?".

At first, we have been working in web-site development market for more than 5 years, also we’ve been engaging in SEO-promotion of sites for two years from those five ones,

The second indicator of quality is our clients

From the very beginning of our work, we have set the goal for ourselves to work with foreign clients. That’s why, for almost all those 5 years we have been working with many foreign companies and clients who have given us a lot of experience and positive feedbacks from each one.

We are all just human beings…

Not everything goes smoothly. Unfortunately, while developing different complexity tasks, different unpleasant situations can take place. Somewhere there can be misunderstanding with the client, somewhere there can be made a mistake from our side, but, again - we are all just humans. Therefore, all mistakes that are made by us are always being fixed in time and we never leave bad impression of us to our client.

Our team

Unfortunately, most IT companies, large or even small, have a huge "staff turnover". It is connected with non-professionals, or with the inability to pay decent salaries for worthy professionals.

In our company, for a year and a half, the whole team remains the same. We have found professionals who has been working very hard, first of all for clients’ needs, without sparing experience for almost 5 years.

Experience gained

As it is mentioned above, we mainly work with foreign clients, but at the same time we allow for the possibility to share our experience of development and promotion with regional partners

That’s why our team has decided to provide these services also to local clients, organizations or companies, which are located in our Khmelnytsky hometown

Some of them has already visited our company and even used our services and remained satisfied

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