Targeted Instagram advertising services

Targeted Instagram advertising is an effective method for business promotion. We can guarantee increasing the number of new customers, sales and bringing your profit to a new level. Our Galaxy IT studio knows how to properly promote a company. Our specialists have extensive work experience and hundreds of successful advertising campaigns that have brought fantastic business results.

Targeted Instagram advertising services

What is targeted advertising in social networks?


This is an Instagram ad that is shown to the target audience and calls for a certain action: buy a product, use a service, show interest in a brand, subscribe, leave a request, call.


What are the advantages of targeted Instagram advertising?


Instagram is a popular social network among millions of people around the world. You can use this not only for entertainment or life demonstration, but also for business development. Running ads on this platform has many advantages, the most important of which are:


  • advertising campaign setup with a minimum budget to test effectiveness;

  • low cost compared to physical advertising media (postcards, billboards) and media advertising;

  • wide reach of the audience due to the popularity of Instagram;

  • direct influence on the target audience thanks to detailed customization;

  • editing advertising content depending on changes in the company or the interests of the audience;

  • creation of promotions for those users who previously performed certain targeted actions;

  • advertising campaign setup with taking into account the business accounts of competitors and their subscribers;

  • advertising campaign setup and launching do not take much time, the results can be seen immediately after the start.


In what cases do we recommend ordering Instagram targeting?


Since Instagram is more focused on visual content, it is perfect for companies that present their products or services in the form of pictures and videos:


  • beauty and health;

  • online stores for clothes, shoes, jewelry, other goods;

  • hospitality business;

  • educational programs.


What are the functions of targeted Instagram advertising?


Professionally configured campaign operates in such main areas as:


  • the widest coverage of the target audience;

  • persuasion of the user to visit the site and know more about the company's products;

  • stimulation to targeted action: purchase, order, subscription, registration;

  • product or service demonstration.


Full implementation of these functions leads to the following results:


  • successful sale of goods or services;

  • attracting a potentially interested audience;

  • getting the desired profit.


What work do we do for targeted Instagram advertising setup?


  1. Transfer the Instagram profile to the status of a business account.

  2. Connect the account to the company's Facebook page.

  3. Choose the goal of the advertising campaign in Ads Manager.

  4. Create an advertising account.

  5. Choose a business Facebook page.

  6. Configure the target audience according to various parameters.

  7. Decide on the placement - advertising in the story or the Instagram feed.

  8. Set the budget and schedule for displaying ads.

  9. Create an announcement.

  10. Choose a payment method.


The effectiveness of Instagram targeting depends on the correct setup, so we recommend involving specialists in this work and trusting them with this multi-stage process.


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