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Advantages of working in the Galaxy IT

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Working at Galaxy IT is not only about everyday routine tasks. Working in the company, you get many advantages! Each company offers its own options for bonuses and motivation for employees. We also keep up and constantly improve the conditions for our colleagues. What we offer:

In the first year of work:

  • free study of the English language;
  • weekly Speaking Club;
  • motivational system of bonuses: opportunity to win bonus days off (Day off); additional paid working hours, sweets;
  • coffee, tea and goodies;
  • playstation VR for fun leisure time;
  • Pizza Day every month at the expense of the company.
  • compensation for studying at specialized courses and trainings, as well as for attending conferences and events in your field of specialization.

After a year of working in the company:

  • Partially paid leave (50%);
  • 6 bonus Day Off (the possibility to take a day off at the expense of the company on any day);

After 2 years of work in the company:

  • Fully paid vacation (100%);
  • 12 bonus Day Off (the possibility to take a day off at the expense of the company on any day);

Gifts for a specialist on the anniversary of work in the company:

Each specialist has the opportunity to win various gifts for the anniversary of work. As an example, we will list several gifts that specialists have already won:

  • additional days off;
  • certificates from UAH 500 to UAH 2,000;
  • certificates for the improvement of workplaces for 2 or 5 thousand hryvnias;
  • certificates for shops.

Interested in the bonuses of our motivation system? Find your vacancy, send your resume and join our team. A big bonus is that since recently we have been practicing a system of admission without work experience for some vacancies. Find yours and enter the world of IT under the guidance of professionals.

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