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The planned launch of the Galaxy IT website took place

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For a very long time we went to the goal and finally we did it! The completely updated website of our company is already functioning.

We worked for quite a long time on the development of our updated site. And why? The reason is quite simple. In general, due to the large amount of work and the responsible approach to client projects, we always prioritize external work. And therefore, as a rule, the client must always be satisfied with the work - this is exactly about us.

Today, it is a fairly developed practice when other IT companies are engaged in site development for IT companies. All this is done to save the time of specialists. But we thought about it and wondered - what is the point of this? We do work that should be seen by our partners and clients, which is why the site was developed exclusively by our specialists.

Of course, it is not easy and sometimes very time-consuming, because as already described above, the sites of our company's clients are always a priority. But we did it anyway and is finally working.

What can be seen on the Galaxy IT website?

  • First of all, this is the work done, which we have been fruitfully doing for the past 5 years. That is, viewing the company's portfolio, you can familiarize yourself with the ready-made projects.
  • The second is company information Galaxy IT. Here you can familiarize yourself with who we are, what we do, and what is the focus of our work. You can also view photos of our employees and various events.
  • Jobs at Galaxy IT - see the list of vacancies available in our company and of course much more.

How do you like our current website? Share your impressions in the comments.

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