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Programmer's Day and the game "What? Where? When?" in the company Galaxy IT

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Programmer's Day for our company is a special day that reflects the main direction of our work - development and programming. Because we respect and care about our employees, and we want them to always be interested, we simply could not miss this day. That is why the question arose - what to do?

  • Day off? Banal and not interesting. And even more so, if any of our employees need a day off, they can always get it. Therefore, you will not be surprised.
  • Maybe a small corporate party? Also no, because it's not on time.

What to do then? And it was from this question that the idea arose - an intellectual game in "What? Where? When?". We all love "tabletop" and interesting games in which you need to think carefully. However, we decided to go further and hired a wonderful and interesting presenter who could conduct this event professionally.

The choice fell on Victor Perunskiy, who knows his business perfectly and coped with the task perfectly, for which he is greatly thanked by of our company!

What was at the game "What? Where? When?" in Galaxy IT:

  • Before the start, there was usually a small photo shoot, as all the company's employees perfectly adapted to the role of connoisseurs and were dressed accordingly. Black dresses on beautiful girls, and tuxedos and suits on boys - what could be more attractive?
  • A buffet with pleasant drinks, delicious candies and juicy fruits is a great warm-up before the game.
  • Dark atmosphere in the lounge, evening lamp light and, of course, music relevant to the game - in order to fully immerse yourself in the game.
  • And, of course, a photo session with the winners before and after the game.

How did everything go? We can say only one thing: two hours of play and an hour of preparation and photo sessions passed simply imperceptibly and emotionally. As a result: everyone is satisfied and happy. We share with you photos and emotions of our colleagues.

How was your Programmer's Day? Share with us in the comments.


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